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5th graders build aquifer - learn dynamics of well . . . water!

As a way to further synthesize information for the 5th grade students with a hands on practical experience, Mrs. Fletcher chose an extension activity suggested in her Mystery Science curriculum that involved students working with a model . . . read more

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades celebrate Christmas around the world

  The Maywood 1st and 3rd grade classes are studying holidays around the world as Christmas closes in. These classes have fun as they learn about Christmas in 21 different countries and continents. The students study the . . . read more

4th graders study Mass, Volume, and Density

Mrs. Bollish’s 4th grade science class had a lab exploring the different properties of mass, volume, and density.  They used their scales to measure the mass of different classroom objects in grams. Then they used the graduated . . . read more

Who let the owls out, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

Miss Foster’s first grade art class, that’s who. The first graders have been studying owls and learned that owls are fascinating creatures. For example, their eyes, feathers, and swiveling heads are bound to be eye catchers! . . . read more

5th grade's mega fun day!

Mrs. Fletcher’s 5th grade has a punch card system for reinforcing positive behavior and following classroom procedures. A punch is earned by a student or the whole class by "wowing" the teacher with exemplary acts of . . . read more

New Robotics Program comes to Maywood

Students in Mrs. Arent’s Programming class have been using the Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 kits. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 is a hands-on, cross-curricular solution that engages and challenges high school . . . read more

Mold, eww gross!

The fifth grade class is using Mystery Science. “We are currently working through a unit called “Web of Life” in which students learn about food chains, plant growth, and decomposers,” stated our fifth grade . . . read more

Welcome Aboard Matey's!!!

  This year, one new administrator and two new teachers jumped aboard Maywood’s ‘Ship of Success’. Most of the treasured cargo in the ship’s hold (students) have met our new courageous captain, Mr. . . . read more

Elementary students learn from our local heroes

During National Fire Prevention Week, October 5-9, 2015, attention is focused on promoting fire safety and prevention.  However, we should practice fire safety all year long. Many potential fire hazards go undetected because . . . read more

Pete the Cat corrals kindergarteners’ attention

On April 22, Maywood held its annual Kindergarten Round-Up with students arriving at 8:00 am for a 'Pete the Cat' themed morning.  Parents joined in the fun at 10:00 am for a meeting and tour of the . . . read more

NPCC Hosted Annual Inter-High Scholastic Contests Day

T he Maywood Tigers took Inter-High Day by the horns in North Platte on February 18th. They competed along-side twenty six other schools that attended the test day at North Platte Community College. Overall 726 tests were taken. Maywood had . . . read more

Eruption of Learning in 7th Grade Geography Class

Mrs. Bauer’s classroom has had a crazy-busy year thus far. With the students having access to their own computers and the new educational resource Chalkup implemented, it has taken the classroom walls down. Chalkup has become a major . . . read more

Getting to Know Ms. Armstrong

Maywood High School has quite a few new teachers in the classrooms this year. One of these teachers is Ms. Vicky Armstrong. Ms. Armstrong is the new ag teacher and the assistant volleyball coach. She was born in Brule, NE, and graduated from . . . read more

Chalk Up the New Learning to ChalkUp

This year Maywood is trying a new way to learn that uses much less paper. A program called Chalkup is being used by the teachers and students to do homework and other assignments on their school laptops and tablets. In Chalkup you can . . . read more

And Justice for All

On September 23, students from Maywood, Curtis, and Eustis, went to County Government Day in Stockville, the county seat of Frontier County. Upon their arrival, students entered the courtroom where the County Clerk, Board of Commissioners, . . . read more

The Write Tools is the “Right Stuff” for MPS Students

MPS teachers, grades K-12, at attended a three-day training August 12 th – the 14 th over Write Tools , a program designed to improve literacy instruction. The trainer was Carolyn Simmons, a career educator from Colorado.MPS chose . . . read more

2nd Graders Ask, “Hoo Hoo” Did the Owl Eat?

The Maywood second graders have taken on the role as ornithologists for the past few weeks.  What is an ‘ornithologist’ you might ask?  Any second grade student will tell you it’s a scientist who studies . . . read more

Student Computer Check-Out Procedure

Chromebook information and updates will be presented to students in grades 9-12, after 1pm dismissal on Thursday, August 15th.  Each student will receive a user agreement form. This form requires both student and  parent . . . read more

Government Trip For The MHC Seniors

On Tuesday, April 23, the Maywood and Hayes Center seniors took a trip to Lincoln for government class. The students started off their day attending a Nebraska State Legislature session at the State Capitol. During the session, the students . . . read more

Seth's Spotlight

Q: What is the dumbest thing you have heard all year? A: “How does it feel to be an actually stupid?”   Q: What will you miss most about school? A: Making fun of miller.   Q: . . . read more

Spelling Bee

Maywood had 15 students compete at the Frontier County Spelling Bee, six people qualified for the Oral participation. The students who qualified for the Oral participation were Graci P., Emma B., Olivia K., Haydn F., Jerry I., and Kiley H. . . . read more

Berenstain Bears bring the ‘Bare Necessities’ to MPS library

Mama Bear and Papa Bear enthralled children with a special appearance on Friday, October 9 th .  With no formalities needed, Ma and Pa Bear jumped right in and read a lunchtime story to more than 50 preschool through second . . . read more

Frontier County Spelling Bee

The 2015 Frontier County Spelling Bee was held February 3rd, in Curtis, Nebraska, at Medicine Valley School. Schools participating in the event were Eustis-Farnam, Medicine Valley and Maywood Public School. Maywood students that participated . . . read more

Maywood Begins NeSA Testing

After many week of preparing for the NeSA (Nebraska State Accountability) tests, Maywood students finally got to put their writing skills to the test. The junior and eighth grade classes took the state writing test this week. Juniors across . . . read more

A Blizzard of Gum Drops

After a semester of working hard on their Reading Mastery and writing skills, last week the Pre-k and second graders kicked off the holiday season building gingerbread houses. This was not only a fun activity for the kids; it also helped to . . . read more

A New Face Joins the Teaching Staff

Many faces come and go through the doors of Maywood Public School, many of which are teachers. Teachers enrich us with knowledge which was given to them from previous years of hard work and dedication on their part to help further the . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

“Skyping” School

Have you ever Skyped School? Not skipped – your teachers and parents would not like that! Skype -  that is, video conferencing with someone over the internet. Well here at Maywood, kindergartners are having their very own video . . . read more

Maywood Preschoolers are ‘Falling’ into Fun!

Maywood Preschool has a lot of amazing things happening.  This year there are 22 fantastic students enrolled.  The Tiger Paws group of students comes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday s.  The Tiger Cubs come on Thursday and . . . read more

Lil’ Tigers Roar into Reading

This is the second year the Tigers have been using the Reading Mastery program.  The program uses direct instruction from the teacher to the students and is best used in small groups based on ability level.  This direct approach . . . read more

Getting to Know Ms. Coyle

Maywood High School has multiple new faces when you step into a classroom in the 2014-2015 school year. One of those new faces just happens to be Ms. Theresa Coyle, the new high school math teacher. Ms. Coyle was born in Broken Bow, and at . . . read more

Raining Diet Coke

Diet Coke was spraying everywhere on Tuesday, August 26th, during the freshman science class. The freshmen were having a blast seeing the coke come gushing out of the bottle like a high powered fountain. You ask how they got the diet coke to . . . read more

Back to School

Welcome Back! School starts on August 19th, but be sure to come to School on Monday, August 18th for a hot dog cookout starting at 6:00 p.m. Students in grades PK-5 click . . . read more

May Day Caravan of Careers

Maywood Public Schools hosted area businesses and the vehicles involved with a variety of careers on May 1, 2014 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in front of the school. Groups of students visited the vehicles and employees for approximately 5-10 minutes . . . read more

World Book Encyclopedia

The World Book Encyclopedia is available for all students by clicking on the following link. World Book Encyclopedia User Name:  maywoodstudent Password:  student     read more

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