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When students are away, the hammers, sanders, and saws will play!

MPS saw many repairs and remodeling projects throughout the summer. The following are some of these: Gym Floor:  A big project was the resurfacing of the gymnasium floor. Jaz-Nat Enterprises completed the work which . . . read more

Pancakes, snow cones, and bingo galore

The 13th annual Maywood Carnival, which was hosted by P.T.O./P.A.W.S. on April 17th ,  was way cool! The high school gym hummed with the laughter and voices of children and parents as they meandered past tables filled with . . . read more

Showing the kids the ropes, or hoses in this case.

During National Fire Prevention Week, October 10-14, 2016, attention is focused on promoting fire safety and prevention.  However, we should practice fire safety all year long. Many potential fire hazards go undetected because people . . . read more

Lt. Governor Foley challenges students to mine for golden opportunities in Western Nebraska

On Wednesday, October 5th, Maywood students, grades 10-12, attended the Cambridge College and Career Fair. There were around 30 booths represented, including Central Community College, Valley Irrigation, South East Community College, . . . read more

Maywood band marches in 130th Wellfleet Fall Festival

Maywood Band at the Wellfleet. @twelch_MPSmusic #maywoodpride pic.twitter.com/3z2KY9iVRs — Maywood School (@MaywoodSchool) September 10, 2016 read more

District Technology Profile

2022 Future Ready District Technology Profile read more

Title IX Policy

Titile IX Policy read more

Wax off, wax on

Now that school is back in session and everyone is getting settled in, one of the big changes that the students might have noticed is the new gym floor. Over the summer, Weissert Hardwood Flooring came in and renovated the entire gym floor. . . . read more

Bon appetit

Attention Maywood students: We have a very unique opportunity for you! We would like to hear your opinions about our current lunch program. What do you like about our lunch? Are there certain lunches that you absolutely dread? What are some . . . read more

Cake walk, cotton candy, and games galore- the greatest show on earth!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the greatest show on earth, but the 12th annual Maywood Carnival, which was hosted by P.T.O./P.A.W.S. on April 22 nd,  was way cool! The high school gym hummed with the laughter and voices of children and . . . read more

Handsaker Impervious to Daunting Competition

Whats more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee! On  February 25,  Maywood Public School attended the Frontier County Spelling Bee held at Eustis-Farnam. 15 students from grades 5 through 8 attended. They . . . read more

Lions and Tigers and Owls, Oh My!

This year several Maywood students entered their art work for the Republican Plains Activities Conference (RPAC) Art Show. This show is held every year during the third week of January.  All art teachers from the conference meet in . . . read more

Maywood Students ‘Burn it up like Neon Lights’ at Prom!

Can you dance "The Carlton?" If not, just ask the Maywood upperclassmen and they’ll teach you how; and the “Dougie,” too! Last Saturday, April 16th, Maywood Juniors put on their annual junior/senior prom that was . . . read more

MPS A-Team is back and stronger than ever

Accountability, Academics, and Achievement are all things MPS Tigers strive for in with a program called A-Team. Using the motto “Tiger Excellence and Mentoring," This program was created in 2013 to help children . . . read more

MPS students had a "barking" good time with Biscuit the Dog

Last Friday, Biscuit the Dog came down to Maywood Public Schools to read to the Preschool-1st grade students at 12:00pm. The Bible Supplies store in North Platte brings story characters to the area and shares them with schools.  Last . . . read more

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

On Wednesday, March 2 nd , the MPS Elementary classes celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with games, green eggs, and . . . sorry, but no green ham. The PK-5th grade students were invited to come celebrate with Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the . . . read more

Preschoolers crawl into kindergarten with the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

On April 27, Maywood held its annual Kindergarten Roundup with students arriving at 8:00 am for a “Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed morning based on the story written by Eric Carle.  Parents joined in . . . read more

Preschoolers Blown Away by Kite Activity

Picture a sunny, blustery afternoon that Winnie the Pooh would best describe as a ‘Windsday.’  The school-yard flag snaps smartly as giant silver-bordered clouds plow through the blinding blue sea sky like Spanish . . . read more

Elementary students celebrate Valentine’s Day with a blizzard of handmade creations & sweets

The Maywood elementary students had a wonderful chance on the 13th of February to practice their fine motor skills while crafting Valentine’s Day boxes.  It was definitely a very creative day for Kindergartners through 4 th . . . read more

FBLA & American Red Cross Host Blood Drive

Maywood Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will host a community blood drive with the American Red Cross on February 11, 2016 from 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Maywood Community Hall. For more information or to make an . . . read more

GI Jane a Reality?

In December 2015, Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that starting in 2016 all combat jobs would open to women. The formal process to open combat jobs to women began in January of 2013. This decision opened 237,000 military jobs previously . . . read more

Big Turnout for Maywood's Veterans' Day Program

The Maywood community, Maywood Public School, and Medicine Valley High School gathered in MPS’s gymnasium Tuesday, November 10, 2015, for the annual Veterans’ Day program. The program opened with welcoming remarks by MPS . . . read more

New Teachers Bring Wealth of Experience to MPS

The 2015-2016 school year here at Maywood Public Schools is in full swing. It should be a very fun year this year with the students eager to learn and the many new teachers ready to spread the knowledge. Mrs. Kinnison  - . . . read more

Mammoths Roamed near Maywood

Most people don’t know that one of the world’s most treasured fossilized animals was actually discovered right here on a farm that is now owned by the Dodson Family.  The story of Archie the Woolly Mammoth is indeed . . . read more

The Tigers Are Moving On Up in Academic Ranks

The State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education staff developed a state accountability system called Nebraska Performance Accountability Systems (NePAS) which is based on student scale scores within grades, buildings and . . . read more

Cool summer evening a welcome guest at back-to-school bash

The tantalizing aroma of grilled burgers and barbequed baked beans drifted over the parking lot and playing fields; brightly colored balloons, tied to benches, danced in the unseasonably cool breeze. This all made for a festive . . . read more

TeamMates’ Scholarship Fund Sprouts from Monsanto Donation

Maywood TeamMates Chapter received a $2,500 donation from the Monsanto Company out of Lincoln on September 18th. We were recommended by John Scharf, of Curtis, to receive this donation. Our chapter will put this money in our Scholarship fund . . . read more

Festival, Floats and Family Fun

The chilly fall air blew across the town, as the smell of burgers and pork drifted through the air. People gathered from surrounding towns, to have a fun filled weekend. Young children, with Cheshire-cat smiles on their faces, bolt across . . . read more

Maywood festival of careers

Maywood Public Schools hosted area businesses and the vehicles involved with a variety of careers on May 1, 2015 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in front of the school. Groups of students visited the vehicles and employees for approximately 5-10 minutes . . . read more

Maywood’s Prom the “Bee’s Knees!”

Can I dance "The Charleston?" No, but I can still dance, Old Sport! Last Saturday, the Maywood juniors put on a Roaring Twenties-themed prom that Gatsby himself would have been impressed with! Although the band did not play . . . read more

The “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” End with a Bash!

The sweet smell of grilled frankfurters and barbequed baked beans drifted over the parking lot and playing fields at Maywood on Monday August 18th, during Maywood Public School’s annual “Back to School Bash.” Dozens of . . . read more

Pancakes to Plinko

The Maywood Parent Committee hosted the 11th annual Maywood Carnival on March 28th. The high school gym hummed with the laughter and voices of children and parents as they meandered past tables filled with exotic-shaped delectable cakes, . . . read more

Bon Appétit!

Every day the students at Maywood are provided with a meal for lunch but most people don’t think of the effort that is put in to prepare that meal and serve it up. Most days there are just two cooks keeping all 172 students from . . . read more

Spring Clean-Up at the School

Maywood School is looking for volunteers to help with our school's spring clean-up on Saturday, May 2 nd , starting at 9:00 a.m.  We will be doing outside work with painting, yard work, and other upgrades to the facilities.  . . . read more

A Night in Paris

Parlez-vous français? Do I speak French? No. Voulez-vous danser? Do I dance? Yeah Baby!! Last Saturday, Maywood high school students attended the Junior/Senior Prom! This year’s theme was “A Night in Paris”. The . . . read more

And This Year’s Heisman Winner Is...

What do the Wendy’s Heisman Award and Believers & Achievers have in common?  They are both going to Maywood High School student, Brooke Moore.  Brooke was named one of 2014’s state finalists for the Wendy’s . . . read more

Carnival and Pancake Feed

The Maywood Parent Committee hosted the 10th annual Maywood Carnival on March 28th. The high school gym hummed with the laughter and voices of children and parents as they meandered past tables filled with exotic-shaped delectable cakes, . . . read more

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