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Wellness Program of Maywood Public School District

As part of recent guidelines received from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska Department of Education’s Nutrition Department all schools are required to begin developing and revising local wellness policies.  Building upon the philosophy that health and success in school are interrelated, it has become clear that schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally and socially.  A wide variety of research has demonstrated the positive correlation between health and learning, and those two things are mutually reinforcing.

The new regulations require districts to include the following elements; make sure schools implement the local policy, monitor and evaluate the policy, and periodically update the community on the status of the policy.  Recently the Maywood Public Schools’ Wellness Committee convened to review the District’s policy.  This committee’s membership includes students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, representation from the Board of Education, and community members. 

Triennial Assessment Report to the Public 

  1. Policy Compliance Results 

            Areas of Strength: Activities for the kids to do, Salad Bar, Breakfast program

            Opportunities for Improvement: Parent Involvement, Start to offer smart snacks for sale to high school students, Outdated health curriculum

  1. Wellness Policy Goals

            Water will be made available to students throughout the school day - We have added multiple water fill stations             throughout the school

            Students will be encouraged to engage in physical activities throughout the school day and will be provided with             opportunities to do so - We completed the color run and elementary students get PE and recess every day

            The district will allow other health-related entities to use school facilities for activities such as health clinics and             screenings - Polish Your Pearls and Physicals

Maywood Public Schools - LSWP Comparison Assessment

Our goal is for every student at Maywood Public Schools to make healthy food choices and develop a healthy lifestyle.  We will continue to review and work toward this goal and would welcome district patrons that would like to participate on our Wellness Committee. 

Together we can create a better learning environment for our students.