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Raining Diet Coke

Diet Coke was spraying everywhere on Tuesday, August 26th, during the freshman science class. The freshmen were having a blast seeing the coke come gushing out of the bottle like a high powered fountain. You ask how they got the diet coke to come spewing like the Old Faithful? Well they only needed two things, the little mint candies called Mentos and a liter bottle of diet coke. They had several other instruments they used also. First they secured the bottle of diet coke in a hole of a cinder block. Then they dropped the Mentos in a little plastic tube that has a cap on the bottom. Once they had that set up, one of the freshmen would open the diet coke and put the geyser tube over the bottle. Finally the students pulled a pin releasing Mentos to drop through the geyser tube and into the carbonated liquid. In a fraction of a second, it would start raining Diet Coke.

This is a great experiment to help kids understand the scientific method. The Maywood students were responsible to design the experiment and what the independent variable would be. The freshman did this experiment a couple different times. They would change how many Mentos they would drop into the diet coke and see how long it would take for the two substances to react to each other. They would also watch and see how high the coke would erupt from the bottle and how long the reaction would last. This was a super fun science experiment at Maywood Public School!