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John Baylor Test Prep for ACT Test Offered at Maywood

We seek to create college graduates with minimal debt.  Thus, we are bringing proven, entertaining ACT© Preparation, John Baylor Test Prep (JBTP), to Junior and Senior students, who will view six of the twelve, 42-minute sessions of the course in school over three weeks leading up to the September 13, 2014 ACT.  Your child has been chosen to participate. Higher ACT scores mean larger college scholarships. The average score increase from JBTP is about two points, an amount that can save your family thousands in college costs and improve your child’s college choices. 

As we will be using valuable instruction time during the day, all participants will be expected to attend all twelve sessions and to complete all assigned homework (about 20 minutes for each completed session). 

Each student individually will also have full access at school to all the JBTP ACT Prep sessions, Additional Materials, and College Counseling content.  Students will be encouraged to access these resources outside of class by asking a teacher to log into our www.JohnBaylorTestPrep.com private area.  If your child ever misses a session, he/she should watch it on their own at school prior to the next session, but it will be the student’s responsibility to find the time and to ask a school leader for access. 

Again, any student with initiative will have unlimited access to all the JBTP content at school: Additional English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing Prep.  Parents are also encouraged to visit school to access the college counseling videos.  In the meantime, please watch How to Get Into the Best College at the Lowest Cost at https://www.johnbaylortestprep.com/jbtp-public-vignettes. You might also have interest in John’s twitter feed, Facebook page, John Baylor College Prep Show (JohnBaylorCollegePrepShow.com) where you can gain additional insight into succeeding at the college admissions process.

We plan to use our 20 minute Homeroom period to begin viewing these sessions at Maywood Public Schools.

We are excited to do even more to maximize your child’s chance to get into the best college at the lowest cost and to become a college graduate with minimal debt.  Thanks for helping us ensure students prioritize this course and test.