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MPS Library News, October 2018

MPS Library Update:


Fall is a great time to grab a book and read! I am an avid reader and no matter where I travel, there’s always a book or two (or three!) in my backpack. I fit in reading time whenever I can. While I prefer to have a physical book in my hand, I also use my iPhone to read. This is a convenient option when space is limited and/or I don’t want to drag a book along. I’ve been known to read at ball games, waiting in road construction, doctor appointments, when my family is fishing, even when I’m on the treadmill. Sometimes it isn’t easy for me to sit down and read a book, but because I enjoy it so much and it is a priority, I make the time for it. Finding good books are essential because they keep me coming back until I finish it!


Most of our students are very busy as well. They may be participating in sports, FBLA, FFA, Band, Mock Trial, Speech, One Act Play, Quiz Bowl and various other activities. Reading skills are essential, but reading for fun is important too. Reading, at any age, engages the brain in cognitive development, understanding, vocabulary expansion, comprehension, and it is entertaining! Readingbyphonics.com (2018) says, “reading helps improve writing skills, teaches grammar, sentence structure and enhances communication skills.” While we tend to focus on building reading skills in elementary, in reality it is essential for everyone. Lifehack.org (2018) shares 10 Benefits of reading that include stress reduction, memory improvement, stronger analytical thinking skills, helps improve concentration and focus and may even fight Alzheimer’s disease.


I often hear “I don’t have time to read,” which is an interesting statement. We all have the same amount of time in a day and we can have some VERY busy days. None of us may have time to read, but we CAN make time to read. When we identify the benefits and make reading a priority, it is easier to find times to fit it in. To help make reading more convenient for our students, I’ve downloaded the Destiny Discover application on their chromebooks. 9th-12th grade students can use their device to log into our online library. Junior high students, can log into any device, through the school website. I’ve also shown students how to download the application to smartphones. Our library offers a wide selection of physical books and we have a nice selection of electronic books as well. This month, students learned how to access the online library and download books, using their devices. This is a handy option and one that goes beyond the walls of school! We know how busy kids are and we know that it can be a challenge to fit reading for pleasure into their schedules. We also feel there are many benefits of reading, so our library’s mission is to make sure that books are easily accessible.




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Application of the Month:


Wunderlist. This is a cloud-based task management application that allows users to create lists in phones, tablets, computers and smartwatches. There is a free version and a paid version. (I use the free one!) This is a great application for keeping track of things to do, things to purchase, Christmas and birthday ideas and grocery lists. (This is what I use for errands and groceries). The free version includes reminders and alerts so students can easily use this for homework tracking.


Mrs. Carey’s Current Reading List:


The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black



Supergifted, by Gordon Korman