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Chalk Up the New Learning to ChalkUp

This year Maywood is trying a new way to learn that uses much less paper. A program called Chalkup is being used by the teachers and students to do homework and other assignments on their school laptops and tablets. In Chalkup you can create classes to which you distribute announcements and assignments in a message board style; then students can sign-in to see what teachers post, reply to those posts, and submit assignments. Chalkup helps keep students organized so they won’t lose an assignment and it allows students to ask teachers a question from home so they can more easily understand the material they are being taught. It also has other features like flash cards to help students study for all of their important quizzes and tests and the ability to post educational videos for students to watch and learn from.

“I think Chalkup is a powerful educational tool. It helps both teachers and students be organized. It’ll take some getting used to but once we get past the adjustment period I think everybody will appreciate it as a resource. It’s also a nice place to have discussions where teachers and students can contribute. It will be interesting to see what new applications we come up with to utilize this technology.”- Mr. Kinnison, Science Instructor