1/21 BB @Bertrand 4pm JV Girls 2 qtrs, Boys 3 qtrs, Girls Varsity @5:30, Boys Varsity to follow--all games played in main gym. MHC Fans enter east doors and sit on east side of gym 1/23 Varsity Boys first round RPAC @Paxton

5th graders build aquifer - learn dynamics of well . . .water

As a way to further synthesize information for the 5th grade students with a hands on practical experience, Mrs. Fletcher chose an extension activity suggested in her Mystery Science curriculum that involved students working with a model of an aquifer.  With this model, students were able to dig a pond, drill a well, and pump water from their well using a pump from a used hand soap container.  Students used the scientific . . .

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Maywood Public School gets some new upgrades

Thanks to our steadfast custodians - Rick Gilmore, David McMurtry, and Eric Storm, Maywood School got a major facelift. The following are just some of the projects they worked hard to complete in the past year: Put up a new scoreboard by the football field Planted grass on the baseball field Painted the following: Concessions stand History . . .

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1st and 3rd grade Christmas around the world

  The Maywood 1st and 3rd grade classes are studying holidays around the world as Christmas closes in. These classes have fun as they learn about Christmas in 21 different countries and continents. The students study the traditions, fun facts, and symbols from each of the countries and are able to locate these countries on their maps. Students create paper passports and suitcases for their travels to each country. They . . .

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4th graders study Mass, Volume, and Density

Mrs. Bollish’s 4th grade science class had a lab exploring the different properties of mass, volume, and density.  They used their scales to measure the mass of different classroom objects in grams. Then they used the graduated cylinder to find the volume of several irregular shaped objects.  After that, they discovered that syrup is more dense than water and oil is less dense than water. This was a good way for . . .

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Cam-Man & Striv channel bring MHC games into our living rooms

    This year is the first year that our school has streamed school events on StrivTV . Striv  is a website where you can stream events. This fall, the games were streamed by Maywood High sophomore Troy Rutherford, aka "Cam-Man". To video the games Troy uses a tripod and a video camera. He then has an HDMI cord that puts the video from the camera onto a computer. He uses a hotspot to . . .

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Spectacular volleyball season comes to an end

Our MHC Wolves had a spectacular volleyball season! Maintaining an undefeated record up until they qualified for state. We are all proud of them for representing our school at the state competition. In the end, they won 4th place and took home medals and a trophy. Sadly, this marks the end of this volleyball season. However, we still have a lot to remember this season by. Our MHC Wolves ended the season with a 29-2 win/loss record!!

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Who let the owls out, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

Miss Foster’s first grade art class, that’s who. The first graders have been studying owls and learned that owls are fascinating creatures. For example, their eyes, feathers, and swiveling heads are bound to be eye catchers! The variety of patterns created through the texture of the feathers provided the first grade art class with great inspiration. “We even brought in the outdoors by letting each student pick a . . .

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5th grade's mega fun day!

Mrs. Fletcher’s 5th grade has a punch card system for reinforcing positive behavior and following classroom procedures. A punch is earned by a student or the whole class by "wowing" the teacher with exemplary acts of character, displaying maximum effort, following procedures consistently, or receiving a compliment from another teacher or administration.  20 punches are needed to complete an . . .

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FFA land and livestock judging

With Covid going on, we have to treat each of our school events like it’s our last. FFA has especially  shown that as they do all the events they can this October. One of their earlier events occurred on October 3rd on Saturday. Junior and senior FFA members traveled to Bertrand for a livestock judging competition. Then, on October 7th, the Intro to Ag class competed in an area land judging contest. Then, on . . .

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Current Highlights

MHC Lady Wolves show hustle & focus

  B ump! Set! Spike! Volleyball season has begun and our MHC Wolves started us out with a strong victory against Sandhills Valley and Paxton on August 27th! I interviewed Coach Armstrong about the coming season: when . . . read more

School and Community Reunited

  The sounds of laughter and people talking drifted across the school yard. Small groups clustered around picnic tables eating hotdogs, chips, and cookies happily as the sun was shining and children played. Parents, teachers, . . . read more