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Classroom Rules

Alicia Shirley - 1st Grade


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Be respectful

Be responsible

Use your manners


Reading Mastery Expectaions:

Sit smart

Eyes on book/teacher

Answer all together

Get it right the first time


Grading Procedures:

I am going to be grading on a points basis.  With this method each assignment will be worth a certain amount of points.  From there the papers will be graded accordingly. For example if a paper is worth 15 pts and your child misses two questions the grading will look like this 13/15. Throughout the year the children will also get participation points in various subjects depending on the lesson. I do my best to have majority of the papers graded and in the grade book by Friday. I will send all graded papers home on Friday, this way there is less confusion on what is homework and what is not. So far this system has worked very well.