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M-HC Wolves on the run!

The M-HC Cross Country runners have been pushing themselves to the limit, and this shows in their improved meet times. Even a few minor injuries can’t keep this team off its feet. “There is no time to think about how much I hurt; there is only time to run,” stated senior, Kayla Minary. When coach Arent was asked how the team will do for RPAC, she commented that “If they run like they are capable of running than we are totally ready. We hope the boys place at least second.” The team appears ready to be aggressive and run strong at RPAC. “There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide. You will need to make a choice. Do you really want it?” stated sophomore, Makena Roberts. Good luck Wolves!! Below are the Wolves standings for five previous meets:

Cambridge Meet – September 1, 2017

7th     Max Diaz                          18:48.71

8th     Tate Hartley                    18:57.477

17th    Logan Littrel                    20:01.380

18th    Eli Handsaker                   20:13.498

23rd   Luis Fuentes                     20:41.233

27th   Jon Moore                        21:24.402

32nd   Magdaleno Hernandez      22:31.706

39th   Jason McIntosh               23:245

43rd   Donaldo Hernandez          24:23.245

45th   Jakob Anderjaska            24:53.480


4th     Kayla Minary                    21:56.856

8th     Makena Roberts               23:56.479

Chase County Invite – September 6, 2017

7th     Max Diaz                         19:04.41

14th    Eli Handsaker                  19:43.39

20th   Tate Hartley                    20:02.94

41st    Logan Littrel                    21:23.18

46th   Jon Moore                        21:48.31

67th   Magdaleno Hernandez      23:26.76

75th   Jason McIntosh               24:16.86

82nd   Donaldo Hernandez          25:33.45

84th   Jakob Anderjaska            25:35.71


6th     Kayla Minary                    21:55.60

15th    Makena Roberts              23:24.30

Arapahoe Invite – September 15, 2017

3rd     Max Diaz                        19:16

7th     Logan Littrel                   20:15

10th    Tate Hartley                   20:48

11th     Luis Fuentes                   20:54

21st    Magdaleno Hernandez      22:27

25th   Jon Moore                       22:41

31st    Jason McIntosh              23:39

36th   Donaldo Hernandez          25:06

44th   Jakob Anderjaska           26:12


4th     Kayla Minary                    23:37

8th     Makena Roberts              24:51

Dundy County Stratton Invite – September 21, 2017

7th     Max Diaz                        20:20

13th    Luis Fuentes                   21:11

14th    Tate Hartley                   21:16

17th    Eli Handsaker                  21:50

22nd   Logan Littrel                   22:50

29th   Magdaleno Hernandez      23:50

34th   Jason McIntosh               25:21

39th   Jon Moore                       26:09

40th   Donaldo Hernandez          26:36

45th   Jakob Anderjaska           30:35


5th     Kayla Minary                    24:04

11th     Makena Roberts              26:11

UNK Invite

65th   Max Diaz                        19:39.87

91st    Eli Handsaker                           20:20.76

111th   Logan Littrel                            20:43.71

144th  Tate Hartley                            21:21.09

150th  Luis Fuentes                   21:29.90

191st   Jason McIntosh                        22:26.45

198th Jon Moore                       22:39.43

233rd Magdeleno Hernandez               24:13.57

241st  Donaldo Hernandez          24:33.72

267th Jakob Anderjaska           26:34.80


35th   Kayla Minary                    23:09.14

65th   Makena Roberts              24:18.18






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