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Preschoolers Blown Away by Kite Activity

Picture a sunny, blustery afternoon that Winnie the Pooh would best describe as a ‘Windsday.’  The school-yard flag snaps smartly as giant silver-bordered clouds plow through the blinding blue sea sky like Spanish galleons. A lone door bursts open and a whirlwind of little faces, hands, and feet skitter out on the front lawn like a swirl of wind-blown leaves. Each little face is painted with hope and anticipation. A cacophony of laughter and screams drown out even the deafening wind. Why all the hullabaloo? Because attached to each little pair of hands is a string, and on the end of said string is a . . . kite! 

Mrs. Burkholder and her preschoolers celebrated the letter ‘K’ and a late-winter day masquerading as spring, with a festival of kites. Wee ones and their kites were literally blown hither and thither. A few brave kites were teased, tumbled and even torn from their keepers’ wee hands by the gale to be sent on a journey eastward. As the afternoon ended, little faces, now ruddy from sun and wind, marched back into the windless haven of their classroom. One has to wonder if, when they laid themselves down to sleep that night, they dreamed of kites, and cloud ships, sailing away to a silver moon. 

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