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Mike Evans - A Man of Many Talents

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It’s hard to imagine that Mike Evans has been gone now for nearly two months. His passing over the Christmas holidays stunned the community and the school. Mike was a ubiquitous and enduring presence at Maywood Jr./Sr. High School for 25 years. When walking through the halls, commons area or gymnasium, one might think there were three Mikes in the building at the same time. He seemed to be everywhere at once working on an endless list of fix-it projects. In the early mornings, Mike was always there to unlock the doors, turn on the lights and provide a warm welcoming place for that handful of students who also arrive extra early. If it had snowed during the night, Mike could be seen with shovel in hand clearing out the doorways and entrances. One would often spot him on a ladder changing out fluorescent light bulbs or under the hood of a school bus replenishing washer fluid.

Then there was the Mike who helped set up and tear down for special functions like meetings, ceremonies and athletic events. Students who assisted Mr. Evans were always amazed by his ability to stack folding chairs back into their place on the chair dollies. He had that “magic touch.” Mike was also the only person with the knowledge to nurture and nudge the school’s cantankerous boiler back into operation.

In addition to being the Maintenance and Transportation Supervisor for the Maywood School District, Mike was a 30-year member of the Maywood Volunteer Fire Department. Mike recently retired from the Maywood Ambulance Department following 25 years of service.


Mr. Evans was greatly appreciated in the Maywood community. He did a lot for the school that most people did not realize. Here are just a few thoughts from the people that worked with and around Mr. Evans through the years:

Mrs. Johnson- “He was a quiet mannered person, did a lot that people did not realize, very reliable and a great friend. Mike is going to be greatly missed.”

Mr. Kennedy- “Mike was under appreciated; he did a lot for us that people didn’t realize. It is tough for the school to run smoothly without him being here.  Mike also had a very memorable laugh.”

Mr. Kinnison- “Mike Evans was a nice guy, and an easy person to be around and work with. He knew where everything was. He could and would help you fix what you needed help with. He will be sorely missed at Maywood Public Schools.”

Mr. Heaton- “I remember Mike every time I stand under a certain fluorescent light in my room located by the white board. I had put in a work order to fix the light because it kept blinking off and on intermittently. Mike checked it out and determined there would be more involved than a simple bulb replacement; it would require changing out the ballast or the entire fixture. It was a work-in-progress, and Mike wasn’t able to finish it before he was gone. Every now and then, when I’m standing beneath it writing on the board, it will flicker off and on, and I think of Mike every time.” Another memory of Mr. Heaton was the time he tried hanging a new wall clock.” I messed around with it for quite some time until I became frustrated and asked Mr. Evans to help me.  Within five minutes Mike had the clock hung and was walking out the door. “

Bailey Brown- “He was a very nice man and always said hello when you walked by. He was also so willing to help someone when we needed something fixed.”

Chris Doxon- “Mike was my “partner-in-crime” here at the school and my buddy on the fire department. We looked after each other.”

Many students also said “Mike was the only one that could put the folding chairs on the chair dolly correctly.”

Mike Evans will be greatly missed by the whole school. He was a big part in the expanding of the high school to what it is today. Whatever needed to be done, Mike would do it.  As noted several times in the interviews above, he did a lot for the school that people did not realize. Like George Bailey, the main character in the Christmas classic film It’s a Wonderful Life, Mike was the “richest man in town” because he was loved by family, friends and the community. And we are richer, too, for having Mike in our community. To learn more about Mike Evans, visit. http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/2151694.html

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