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Classroom Rules

Mark Heaton - Spanish/English


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1)  Arrive On Time.

This means in your assigned seat before the bell rings. If you arrive late, please be discreet and non-disruptive, hand the teacher your pass if you have one, and quietly slip into your seat.  If you're tardy, you'll be marked down as such and may be asked to serve an after-school detention by your teacher or principal. (see tardy policy in student handbook)  No blaming, no excuses.

2)   Come prepared to Learn.

Bring all necessary materials: notebook, textbook, assignment, & personal reading book, daily planner (no locker passes will be given.

3)  Participate Actively in Your Learning.

Be positive; be alert; ask questions; contribute comments; encourage others think about the material being studied; work hard!  When afforded class time to work on assignments, use that time wisely; no sleeping in class.  Keeping a positive attitude will help you get the most from your class! J

4)  Be Polite, Respectful, and Encouraging to Others.

Raise your hand to ask questions; Raise your hand to contribute comments; No sarcasm, bantering, put-downs, sexual comments, vulgarities, profanity, or other inappropriate language in the classroom.  Use proper and culturally correct language.  Be courteous to teachers and staff, other students, and visitors. 

5)  Enjoy and use moments of quiet time.

Sometimes after the daily instruction and activities, there will be time left in the period. This quiet time should be used for homework assignments, getting individual help, reading in a personal book, writing, or quiet reflection.  Use these restful moments to refresh yourself mentally…not for visiting.  


Homework & Hall Pass Expectations

1)     Late Work Policy:  See Student Handbook regarding incomplete homework and 9th Hour.

  • All work should be neat and crisp and clean.  How you present your work is, to a large extent, how you present yourself.  (If you choose not to be neat, you might end up redoing the assignment.)
  • Please leave white space between all problems like I did on this paper.
  • Follow instructions for the assignment.

2)     Hall Passes: Per student handbook policy, students are allowed two sign-outs a day.  Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom without their planner signed or a hall pass from the teacher.  If it is an emergency, the teacher will write out a pass.