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Classroom Rules

Jill Schaeffer - 2nd Grade


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Second Grade Rules and Grading Procedures

Classroom Rules

Be respectful. (Be respectful to yourself and others.)

Be responsible. (You are responsible for you.)

Make good choices.

Have fun!

Reading Mastery Rules

Sit smart  (feet on floor, hands in lap or on the desk, facing forward)

Eyes on the teacher/book

Answer together

Get it right the first time (Try your very best.)

Grading Procedures

Grades will be determined by taking the number of points earned and dividing them by the total number of points that the assignment is worth.  For example, if the student missed two problems on a 30 point assignment, they would receive a 28/30 which equals a 93%.  When an assignment is given, it is due the next day when school starts.  If it is not done, the student will be required to complete the assignment during the school day and will be penalized 5%.  The student will also be required to fill out a form that explains why his/her assignment was not completed.  The students will then bring the form home for you to sign and it needs to be returned to me on the next school day.