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Classroom Rules

Patricia Bauer - Middle School


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Tolerance and acceptance of everyone! We must learn to tolerate everyone and their ideals, even if we don’t always agree!!

Be prepared and on time for class! This allows you time to get prepared for class. Walk into the classroom with all materials needed for today’s class (pen, 2 pencils, notebook, textbook, homework, etc)

Complete class work and homework assignments on time.

Respect others and their property, especially the teachers.

Grading Procedures

Weight of grades:

(I weight my grades on points earned divided by points total.)

Categories: Homework Assignments; Quizzes (sectional and vocabulary; Unit Test (which are worth substantially more points)

Homework assignments will be assigned based off of material covered in class. (see “Course Descriptions” for how often each subject will have homework)        

Another part of your homework grade is your participation grade. This will be a weekly grade based on the following things: taking part in class discussion, following directions, being attentive during instruction, taking notes (when needed), and being respectful of others and your surroundings. Each of these will have a total of 5 points (one point per day per category) and this comes to a total of 25 points for the week. (If a student misses a day, he or she will make up for their points once they have completed their make-up work.)

The last part of your homework grade will be vocabulary definitions. This will be a list of words we discussed or have covered over a certain lesson(s). They will be due on the day of a quiz or at the end of the week (depending on the subject and material covered) for a grade of 20pts total.

Quizzes will be announced in advance to allow students time to prepare. They will be over lessons discussed and vocabulary covered. There will be NO POP QUIZZES!!!

Unit Tests will be given at the end of each unit. A review sheet will be given in advance to allow time to prepare. (see “Course Outline” for approximate numbers of tests for each subject)

Zero Policy

ŸAll homework assignments will be due the following day they were assigned unless otherwise noted.

ŸIf you do not have your homework completed the day it’s due, you receive a ZERO.

 Make-up Policy

It is important for students to take responsibility for obtaining work that they missed while absent from class.

ŸIf you know you will be gone in advance, please talk with the teacher to obtain materials in advance.

ŸIf you have missed a day, I will have your material ready (if you haven’t already requested it) for you when you return.

ŸYou will be given two days to make up work. If you miss more than two days, please talk with the teacher to schedule a date when missed work is due.

ŸWork due the day you missed, is due the day you return or it is considered late.

ŸIf you are absent for a quiz or a test, please talk with the teacher to schedule a time to make it up. (All test and quizzes must be made up within two days prior to returning if only gone for one day. If you were absent for more than one day, talk with the teacher to schedule a time to make it up.)

Classroom Procedures

At the beginning of class is the time to sharpen your pencils, turn in your homework, and write the agenda for the day in your planner. Find your assigned seats and use classroom voices until Mrs. Bauer takes roll and begins class.

If you are Tardy to class……….enter the class quietly….proceed quietly to your seat and join in the lesson

Listen carefully to directions and instructions. Ask questions when you do not understand.

To get the teacher’s attention or to ask a question, raise your hand without talking until called on.

During your work time is when you are able to go to the bathroom or get a drink. (water bottles are allowed) (This is also the time to check with the teacher for your work if you have missed any days.)

The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher dismisses you!!