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February Students of the Month

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58a1f3951ef4e L-R: Ridge Hasting, Paul White, and Carter Morrow
L-R: Ridge Hasting, Paul White, and Carter Morrow

9-12th Grade Winner-PAUL WHITE
Nominated by Ben & Abby
Comments by Mr. Weyeneth:
RESPONSIBLE - Paul is always conscientious about completing assignments and is aware for his own level of understanding. He uses class time wisely when there is work to be done and is able to work with his classmates when needed.
RESPECTFUL - He is always respectful and willing to listen. He also has a positive attitude.
SAFE - Paul is usually very aware of his surroundings and I don’t think that he would jeopardize the safety or wellbeing of anyone else at school.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - He is a good sport and fun to have in class.

Comments by Mrs. Brown:
RESPONSIBLE - Paul has done very well in class this year.  He finishes his assignments on time and his assignments are well thought and time has been put into them.  He comes to class prepared and participates well when having class discussions. He uses class time appropriately and takes school and his work seriously.
RESPECTFUL - Paul is a respectful student.  He speaks kindly to others and myself in the classroom.  He takes pride in himself and you can tell he wants to do well.
SAFE - Paul behaves in the hallways and during free time.  He has never been referred to the office in my class, and he cares about his and others safety.  He is a student I can trust in times of need and I can see that he cares about others.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Paul is a very insightful young man.  He is a great student and I enjoy having him in class

6-8th Grade Winner-RIDGE HASTINGS
Nominated by Abby & Janice
Comments by Mrs. Brown:
RESPONSIBLE - Ride is a very responsible student. He turns his homework in on time and is aware of any assignments that are due. He is prepared for class and has all materials needed to be successful in class. If he does not understand a concept he will ask questions and work hard to learn the material.
RESPECTFUL - Ridge is courteous in class. He raises his hand and treats those around him with respect. He gets along well with others and treats his property and other’s property with respect.
SAFE - Ridge follows all classroom rules. He behaves in the hallways and follows school rules.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Ridge is a polite young man who is fun to have in class. He likes to joke around and have a good time, but he knows when it is time to settle down and get focused on work. I enjoy having him in class.

Comments by Mrs. Arent:
RESPONSIBLE - Ridge always comes to class with a positive attitude. He is willing to listen and always tries to improve himself.  He does his work efficiently and stays on task. He is cooperative and is a good role model for his classmates.
RESPECTFUL - Ridge is respectful of everyone around him. He does not argue or try to make excuses.  He is always polite and willing to do whatever is asked of him.
SAFE - Ridge always behaves and follows rules. He only needs to be told something one time. Ridge is a fine young man and a pleasure to be around.

PK-5th Grade Winner-CARTER MORROW
Carter Morrow: Nominated by Cindy and Phyllis
Comments by Mrs. Bollish:
RESPONSIBLE – Carter has been working very hard on his daily assignments.  He is putting forth 100% effort and has even used his recess time to make sure that his work is completed accurately.
RESPECTFUL – Carter has been very successful at walking away from potential conflicts that might arise.  I have also caught him holding doors open for others and using “Please” and “Thank You”.
SAFE – Carter tries really hard to follow all the playground rules.  When others are not following the rules, he lets an adult know and he removes himself from the situation. 

Comments by Mrs. Johnson:
RESPONSIBLE - Carter has been coming to my classroom to work on his Math.  He always works until he is done with his assignment.  If he doesn’t get the right answer, he will work on the problem until it is correct.  He will do his corrections without complaining. 
RESPECTFUL- Carter has really grown in the area of being respectful.  He is trying     harder to control his emotions and stay polite.  When he asks for help, he uses “please and thank you.”  He will ask permission first before he does something. 
SAFE- Carter conducts himself in a safe manner in my classroom. 
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Recently in my classroom, I had several students needing help at the same time.  There was a lot of different questions being asked and it was getting a little loud.  Carter asked people to be quiet so he could concentrate and he tried really hard to stay focused.  Carter didn’t let himself get frustrated.  He finished his Math assignment and stayed on task without getting distracted.  He was very polite when he talked to the other students.  Carter has shown a lot of integrity over the last few months.


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